Ask the GSA employees

We asked Mr. Gian Gherardo Calini (Head of Market Development at the GSA) a few questions regarding his relocation to Prague and about his experience of living in Prague as a GSA employee. You can find his answers below.

Dear Mr. Calini, You have been working for GSA in Prague since 2012. What were your fears and expectations, when you found out GSA is going to move from Brussels to Prague?

I had an advantage of knowing Prague ahead of living here. I visited Prague in 2004. However, even after I settled down here, I kept discovering new beauties. I knew very well the fascinating history about Prague and the Czech cultural traditions, including its marvellous music. In addition, I was aware of the i Czech industrial tradition and economic strength in the early 20th century. The perception of the average European citizen can be that Prague is in Central Europe rather than in Western Europe. This is a prejudice. In Prague you feel like in an EU capital and in a multi-cultural environment.

Today, after almost 5 years of residence in Prague, how do you evaluate your life here?

Public transport is perfectly organized. As private transport is concerned few EU capitals allow you to live in the centre, park your car under your home every night and get to the office in 5’ every morning. Quality of life is good. You can find top level cuisine easily. It is important to underline that, in my experience so far, security is extremely high. Germany, Poland and other neighbouring destinations as well as many beautiful areas of Czech Republic and Europe for skiing or hiking are readily accessible.

What are the positive aspects of living in Prague and what would you like to change?

The artistic beauties such as the Castle and all churches and museums, together with the music concerts, are unparalleled strengths. The Czech people are very cultivated. Especially young people speak English, while the older generation speak German.

Have you found the support of the Czech Republic during the relocation helpful?

Yes, Czech Republic has been doing its best in all respects regarding benefits. Even our premises are top quality. In addition, I have very kind Czech colleagues who are always ready to advise and support.

Would you recommend others to relocate to Prague?

Yes, if you have a young family, want to find very good schools, live in a quiet and safe environment this is the place to be. All your friends will envy you given Prague’s beauty and quality of life reputation.

Have you had good experience integrating into society here?

Many EU countries have significant national communities in Prague and the Czech Republic. In fact, my neighbour comes from the same country as I do! Imagine that I even found a fan club of my favourite football team. The Czech business, institutional and university communities are engaging us in initiatives.

Do you see yourself staying in Prague for a longer period of time?

I believe that all of the above are very good reasons to attract people and to keep them here.

Has moving to Prague changed your life in profound ways?

No, my habits are mostly unchanged. When I go back home at night and I pass by the castle, the streets, squares and monuments, I feel like a tourist enjoying Prague. My work is already extremely fascinating and engaging. The beauty of Prague makes it even more so. This did not happen in my prior exciting jobs in other towns.