Medical Care

The Czech Republic has very strict accreditation requirements for healthcare facilities, whether state-operated or private. Clinics and hospitals undergo regular inspections at all levels. These inspections ensure that all requirements for the qualifications of staff, the quality of facilities and care for the patient are met. Patients themselves have the opportunity to assess the quality of their care in national surveys.

Healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic are prepared to admit foreign clients and provide first-class care, from initial consultation, through the procedure itself, to the discharge report and subsequent checks. Foreign clients can organize their trip themselves directly with a selected clinic, or can turn to a specialized agency. Healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic employ highly qualified staff, have modern utilities and equipment and utilise the latest available methods in line with professional standards.

The provided healthcare is naturally comprehensive, but nevertheless there are fields that are especially sought out by foreign visitors. These include assisted reproduction and related neonatal care within the scope of pre-op preparations and paediatrics. Healthcare facilities are complemented by a large assortment of spa resorts.

Doctors and other healthcare staff at all levels of patient care speak English, German or Russian. Our doctors are known across Europe and have experience and certification not only thanks to their studies and work in the Czech Republic, but also abroad where they regularly publish in their respective fields. The curriculum vitae of top doctors can be easily studied in advance on the websites of many clinics, or they can be sent to you through the use of intermediary agencies.

The Czech Republic can offer foreign patients highly competitive prices, a high standard of care, appropriate treatment, the use of up-to date medical technologies and procedures, strict standards for hygiene in healthcare facilities, a focus on safety of patients during their stay as well as available spa facilities and natural resources.

Below you can find just some examples of healthcare facilities that have been subject to quality and standards testing for foreign clients:

Some useful links for foreign clients looking for healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic include: