Reasons for Prague

Prague is the most popular tourist and congress destination in the Czech Republic. This monumental city on the banks of the Vltava river is known practically all over the world and ranks among the most beautiful European cities. Prague has always been not only the crossroads of the most important business trips but also the cultural and political centre of Europe. Charles Bridge, one of the main sights, symbolizes the historical connection of the East with the West, thanks to which Prague became a place where elements of Slavic, German, French and Jewish culture were combined to create a picturesque city with a unique atmosphere and charm.

Prague is a home to a great number of international firms and has a low unemployment rate. There is a great demand among companies for expats and native speakers. We are closely cooperating with the Confederation of Industry of Czech Republic to ensure we can provide spouses of EBA employees with desirable job opportunities should they wish for them. Moreover the Czech Republic stands ready to offer a series of benefits to both the employees and their families upon relocation.